British Columbia: BC voters rally to defend ancient forests

Help us get 100,000 BC eligible voters to “attend” this Facebook page: by the time of the BC election on May 12, 2009. It will show all BC politicians
that there is a major block of BC voters who considers the fate of our
last old-growth forests and forestry jobs on Vancouver Island and the
Southwest Mainland to be important factors in their voting decisions.

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If there are any politicians who don’t think these are important issues, they will soon change their minds as this page starts to snowball! Invite your BC friends to attend! Thousands have already signed the petition at: – Please download hardcopies of the petition from the website to circulate as well!


Old-growth forests are important for:
• Sustaining threatened and endangered species that can’t flourish in
second-growth tree plantations.
• Providing the scenery and recreational opportunities for much of
BC’s multi-billion dollar tourism industry.
• Counteracting climate change by storing twice as much carbon per
hectare as second-growth forests do.
• Providing important wintering habitat for many coastal deer and elk.
• Providing clean water for human residents, and for salmon and trout
spawning streams.
• Helping sustain many First Nations cultures, which continue to use
many resources in old-growth forests.

Old-growth forests on Vancouver Island and the Southwest Mainland (ie. BC’s South Coast) are endangered. According to satellite photos about 75% of the original, productive old-growth forests have already been logged in the region, including 90% of the valley bottoms where the largest trees grow, while only 6 to 8% of the original, productive old-growth forests are protected in parks. Second-growth forests now constitute the vast majority of the forests on BC’s South Coast, including 90% of the richest growing sites. To sustain forestry jobs now and into the future, the forest industry must retool and invest in processing second-growth logs instead of trying to finish off the last of the unprotected old-growth stands.

The export of raw, unprocessed logs from BC to foreign mills has
resulted in the loss of thousands of BC jobs.

Therefore, I call on all BC political parties, should they form government, to:
• Enact concrete timelines to quickly phase-out old-growth logging
from Vancouver Island and the Southwest Mainland (ie. BC’s South
Coast) where old-growth forests are now scarce.
• Ensure the sustainable logging of second-growth forests.
• End the export of raw, unprocessed logs to foreign mills.
• Assist in retooling and developing second-growth mills and
value-added wood processing facilities.

On BC election day, May 12, 2009, I will be an eligible BC voter (18
yrs or older, BC resident, Canadian citizen).  The stances of the political parties and candidates in regards to the fate of old-growth forests and forestry jobs on BC’s South Coast are important factors in who I decide to vote for.

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