Forest Policy Research (FPR) is an information clearinghouse news service. FPR is also dedicated to facilitating the networking, recruiting and sharing of skills among environmental activists. Formerly located at Media Island international FPR is an Olympia-based networking project for activists and educators.

Over the course of 480 editions, (’05-’09) FPR has produced and distributed electronic information about forest issues in every country in the world. In the recent years FPR has converted this email based resource into a 15,000 article data-base of excerpts.

In 2013 posterous.com shut down their services and photo hosting for this website was mostly lost… This site was rich in maps and photos, about a half-dozen per post… Sadly, many thousands of photos were lost from their current ¬†format. If funding becomes available, copies of those photos will one-day again be made available….