Ukraine: Gov will save and increase forest reserves?

Government will do all it can to save and increase the forest reserves
of Ukraine, according to First Vice Prime Minister Oleksandr

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He was speaking during a meeting on Saturday dedicated to
the issues and the future of the forestry industry, according to the
cabinet’s press service.

The first vice prime minister said that in the year following the cabinet’s moratorium on forested land transfer decisions, over 1,500 hectares of forested land had been returned to state ownership in Kyiv region.

“The government will account for every square meter of forest,” he said. According to the first vice prime minister, it is really important to preserve mountain forests, as they are a natural defense system.

“Preserving mountain forests is something we all should do,” he said. He noted that the government has drawn up new logging regulations for Ukraine’s Carpathian mountain forests.
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