A Tree gift from Jill in South Africa

Thanks Jill… I’ll post this to the Blog!

Hi Deane,

These two beautiful trees are at the entrance to the Church in the little town of Darling and as I was driving passed with Mum I just decided that they needed to be immortalised…you can see the Bakkie (Red vehicle), I parked it under the one on the left, see how small she is! and the other photo – I stood underneath that one looking up…

I think that they are Ghost Gums, (Australian) in the light of the moon their bark shines a ghostly white. I found some nice pieces of outer bark around the base of the trees and brought a piece home, I thought of writing some poem on it, if I had a proper calligraphy pen I would…. if I was artistic I would paint a picture on it….

Anyway… there we are, two lovely trees guarding the gate to the Church.

I thought they were very grand…We dont see many trees in this part of the Cape, not large ones anyway!

bi for now,


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