Washington: Nalini Nadkarni speaks for the trees!

On today’s TEDTalk, Nadkarni tells you stuff you probably didn’t know about the tree canopy (there’s a whole ecosystem up there) and explains why it deserves our attention. The president of the International Canopy Network, a nonprofit she founded in 1994, she’s enlisted dancers, rappers, prisoners, and churchgoers to help her spread the tree gospel.

Here’s a sampling of her projects:

ICAN Nalini is president of the International Canopy Network, a non-profit built in 1994 to support interaction between all people with a vestedinterest in the state of the canopy. Clearly, scientists aren’t alone

Biome After spending time exploring the treetops at Nalini’s invitation in Costa Rica, choreographers for the innovative modern dance group Capacitor created a live show and video performance about their

Treetop Barbie Showing little girls that they can be scientists and canopy researchers too, Nalini and her graduate students collect secondhand Barbie dolls and outfit them for a day in the field before distributing them to eager young minds.

Text from: http://www.motherjones.com/blue-marble/2009/03/nalini-nadkarni-speaks-trees

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