Kenya: Volunteer forest patrols protecting forests

Friends of Shimoni Forest held a meeting this week, and were beginning
to put a lot of our plans into action. With the help of Mr. Adini
Mgeni, Assistant area chief, our forest patrols are on their way to
being a regular scheduled event. One of the problems we have been
facing has been a lack of man power. Our members are committed to
conserving the forest; however, they also have their own well beings
and those of their families to be concerned with. We are unable to
compensate them for the day’s work they miss while patrolling. We are
working currently on a schedule that will work with member’s
availabilities and still leave sufficient time to patrol until we can
find funding to help pay them.

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Friends of Shimoni Forest Chairman, will be heading to a bank in
Ukunda. We are going set up a bank account in our groups name. This is
going to be a great help with our fundraising. Other meetings with the
district commissioner, local teachers, and village chairmen are being
planned as well and proposal for community toilets and conservation
are being written left and right.

I’m really pleased with all the hard
work these guys are doing and were going to be making some big changes
soon. I’ll let you all know how it goes. See you later. Drew.

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PETER M. KINGORINovember 21st, 2009 at 4:53 am

This is great endeavor you engaged yourself in.We need more people like you guys before we lose all our forests.Keep it up guys.I just wish you were from my place.

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