Interview: Mr. REDD-Monitor Man addresses a flawed carbon scheme

The is the first of a new Forest Policy category called: Interviews!
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This particular interview is about REDD (Reducing Emissions from
Deforestation and Degradation.) And what is REDD? Well REDD is about
carbon credits and carbon credits according to Wiki are: “…a key
component of national and international emissions trading schemes that
have been implemented to mitigate global warming. They provide a way
to reduce greenhouse effect emissions on an industrial scale by
capping total annual emissions and letting the market assign a
monetary value to any shortfall through trading. Credits can be
exchanged between businesses or bought and sold in international
markets at the prevailing market price. Credits can be used to finance
carbon reduction schemes between trading partners and around the

The website: has been a great contributor of original
information about REDD and what’s wrong with REDD. So I asked Mr. Redd
monitor man: What is most important about what you are doing with
REDD-Monitor? And what did Mr Redd monitor man say? He said:
“REDD-Monitor is an attempt to facilitate critical discussion about
the way REDD is developing. It is a way of bringing attention to the
problems associated with REDD. We feel that a public discussion about
these problems is urgently needed.” Needed indeed!

And what of the
future of REDD-Monitor? “I’d like the website to close down – on the
grounds that it is no longer needed because the problems it is
describing have gone away. Given that this is unlikely to happen any
time soon, I’d like to see the discussions on REDD-Monitor expand.
We’re also looking at getting the site translated into French and
Spanish. I’d also like to post more information from other parts of
the world – particularly the global South, which is where REDD will be

Most of all it’s how people get involved, how people can
live a lifestyle where they can afford to care, where people get more
involved in supporting each others work. So I ask Mr. Redd monitor man
how can we help… He says: By sending independent information about
specific REDD developments or (of course!) by commenting on the
website. So you got that that? Do it! Find something unique somewhere
in the world’s forests, and tell us about it! Help us learn more, care
more, save more!

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Hap KanakaJune 27th, 2009 at 8:03 pm

The REDD-Monitor is a one-man show without credibility. The author, Chris Lang, is clearly out of touch with REDD negotiations, as all his arguments are outdated and fundamentally flawed. Sadly, blog-o-paths like Mr. Lang only contribute to the loss of tropical forests.

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