Reply to Letter: Happy New Year from Forest Policy Research

Maine BIZ accuses Forest Policy Research of copyright infringement: -)

After 3 1/2 years of distributing more than 15,000 “abbreviated for
truth” articles about all the earth’s trees –> I get my first letter
from a mainstream media outlet in Maine and they claimed… That…
That I “infringed” on their copyright!

Imagine that?

And perhaps my sense of fair use… I mean, you know me well enough to
know that… Well…

I was so excited!!! : -) I’ve been waiting for so long…

I wrote them back right away in hopes I could work with them and their
attorney to help me better understand how to interpret “fair use” of
their monetarily rated & valued knowledge / product line of biased
brevity as newprint on pulp from tree, or in my case all via

I’m saying I’ve been accused of shoplifiting their “information.”
Imagine that? To them it seems I’m kidnapping the town crier? Like
maybe we ought to ban computers because computers by their own nature
create “unauthorized” copies of everything that flashes across your

Any data that doesn’t belong to you on your hard drive’s cache right
now? If you make use of it for any agenda other than the profit of its
maker you may be threatened, or even sued / punished!

And to think I got away away with it 15,000 times in row and nobody
said nothin? Or perhaps…

More soon to follow… Wild, wild times in 2009 for sure!

Get ready… oh and get twitter it’s growing faster in the past month
than any network I’ve ever been a part of!

And once you got a twitter account follow me at:

Here’s what revolution looks like in the age of Twitter:

“We need to think about the future of our trade in an era when news
travels faster [among society] than TV or radio. People turned out on
the streets before radio and TV can air stories.” This quote is from:
It’s an article about how the recent insurrection
in Greece and how revolution is much more different than days gone by
in that social media, the poser of the cell phone, text messaging /
blogging is changing the face of media in radical ways…”


Forest Policy Research’s first ever copyright infringement claim:


From: Laura Ashley []
Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 7:07 AM
Cc: Whit Richardson; Donna Brassard; Carol Coultas
Subject: Forest Policy Article

It has come to our attention that a copy of the article, “Maine timber
exec takes reins at The Nature Conservancy” from the “December 29,
2008” issue of Mainebiz appears on the following websites:
and “”.
The link to the original article is
“”. Our records indicate that
we have not given permission for this reprint. Please remove the full
article from the websites immediately.
Although we admire your mission, we cannot allow the copyrighted
content to be used without our permission and without it complying
with our reprint policies. We have an obligation to our photographers
and our writers, who have not given permission for the use of their
photos and articles other than in Mainebiz, and who have not been
compensated for additional placement. We also reserve the right to
have control over our brand and logo usage. Mainebiz and
are copyrighted, and every issue and webpage indicates that. Moreover,
the copyright states that we have All Rights Reserved. That means
that no one may copy or reprint our content without our written

You can get permission to reprint or post our content via the Mainebiz
Reprint Permission Policy, which is enclosed (you can also refer to it
on our website), or through the Copyright Clearance Center. In any
case, now and in the future, please use the proper procedures when
seeking to get permission to reprint copyrighted materials. Another
alternative would be to place a short excerpt as well as a link to the
article on our website, which would give Mainebiz and the writer, Whit
Richardson, proper credit for the content.

Please reply to this e-mail to acknowledge receipt of this message.
Otherwise, I will be in touch via phone. We appreciate your
cooperation in this matter.

Laura Ashley

Sales & Marketing Coordinator


Phone: (207) 761-8379 ext. 26

Fax: (207) 761-0732


The information in this email is confidential, privileged and intended
only for the use of the individual or entity named above. If you have
received this email in error, any dissemination, distribution or
copying of the information is strictly prohibited. If you are not the
intended recipient, please notify us immediately by return email and
destroy all copies of this message and attachments. Thank you.

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AlexDecember 6th, 2009 at 12:24 am

Very usefull infomaction. Thank you. Keep it up

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