UK: Neighbors vow to continue to speak out for protecting Longridge Wood from development

Campaigners have vowed to fight on to save a woodland from being
turned into a housing estate despite an independent inspector giving
the regeneration plans his full backing. Site 44 in Coubly Newham,
known to locals as Longridge Wood, is one of several areas acros
Middlesbrough earmarked for redevelopment.

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The town’s council has become the first in the North-East and one of
only a handful nationally to have both its core strategy and
regeneration plans approved. Chris Hobson, the councillor
representing the Marton West ward, said she was passionate about
retaining the seven acre site as a family-friendly space. “We have
been fighting for four years and we are not going to stop now,” she

“There’s no need to build on this piece of land when there are
so many other sites across Middlesbrough.” The council said this week
that some tree felling and clearance had been carried out but work had
been suspended until the autumn and a security fence had been
temporarily removed after listening to the views of local people. Coun
Hobson said that people were infuriated on December 15 last year when
bulldozers dug up five cubic metres of land, the maximum legally
allowed without a tree felling licence without prior warning.

“Work has stopped not after listening to us but because it is illegal to cut
down trees during bird nesting season,” she said. “The council is
having to make financial cuts in every area and not paying for a fence
costing £265 a week is one saving.”

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