Poetry: Soundofthesoundofthesound by DeaneTR


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The sound of the sound of the sound of the word

Once read as it echoes

The sound of the sound of the truth

Once read as it bleeds on earth under soil

To a deeper world of vision

Of a rhythm of the rhyme of the rhythm

Of a tone… once known repeats…

As rhyme of the rhyme of rhythm

As presence as wings as eyelids as all limbs

As complete whirls as dancing real and in wealth

As breath of air of winds of wind as

Leaves of larger and larger

Ever growing wind? As well as

Love that is shaped by wind… as eyes seeing as

As original eyes as moist blinking eyes of rapid moving

Of the wind moves around a limb of a wind moves

Around a trunk of a wind is a life swaying

Century on century on deeper and deeper rooted soil

As wind that you’ll best know

As wind within as how you refine

How it flows how it dances how it’s real…

As the sound of the sound of the sound of a sword

Slicing through air as dancer’s spinning limbs and body

And joy in eyes blinking collected rhythm…

As the whole sword’s point as circle of circles of circles

Just above the ground… wind flowing moving as a center point

As poise, as discipline, as refinement as pleasure. Precise… as

Abundance as Purpose… of how we live as trees.

By DeaneTR 9/5/09

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