This week in Voices of Humboldt County!

Brought to you by the Humboldt Watersheds Council

1) 5 reasons why we need your protective loving voice at the General Plan hearing tomorrow

2) River Bar Road Neighborhood to be an industrial gravel transport / production area?

3) Do you want Salmon and Healthy Forests? Klamath National Forest Needs to Hear From You!

4) Humboldt Crisis from Governator shut down of most all state parks?

5) June 16th-18th: Earth First Roadshow and Action Camp at Grizzly Creek Redwoods

6) August 7-9: Community Organizing for Deep Democracy

7) Sat. June 13th Keep silt out of streams: Cooper Gulch Trail Maintenance day!

8) New Pro-Growth Anti-eco Anti-quality-of-life website

9) Help fight urban sprawl, a battle that has come to Humboldt on multiple fronts!

10) California: SB 144 Passage Improves Outlook for CA Forests and Climate?

11) Contentious negotiations to revise the Air Resources Board rules next month

12) All about the Humboldt County Twitter Alliance

13) New Pro-Growth Anti-eco Anti-quality-of-life website

14) Critical Land Use Planning Hearing this Thursday, June 11th 5:30pm @Forum Theater, College of the Redwoods

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