Krygzstan: Extinction threat to the original Apple species that led to all commercial species

The Red List of Trees of Central Asia identifies 44 tree species that are threatened with extinction; the ‘original’ apple tree Malus sieversii, from which all domesticated varieties of apples were developed, is on the list: Compiled by international scientists and published by Flora & Fauna International, in collaboration with , the Red List of Trees cites over-exploitation, human development, pests and diseases, overgrazing, desertification and fires as the main threats to the trees and forests of Central Asia.

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The forests of Central Asia, with their incredibly rich diversity of fruit and nut trees, are of global significance. The conservation of this unique inheritance is paramount, not only for the region but for the whole international community. It is therefore imperative that the international community provides the necessary financial resources,investment and training to build the capacity of scientific institutions, nature conservation and forestry agencies, botanic gardens and germplasm banks to manage and conserve this unique heritage effectively.The region’s state forestry agencies and protected areas network require substantial investment and capacity building. With so many challenges faced by these agencies, training in the development of participatory forestmanagement plans, local community engagement, rural development and natural resource management is urgently needed. Many of the state agencies lack basic equipment and infrastructure such as uniforms, horses or vehicles, communication equipment and ranger posts. In order to alleviate the immediate pressures on forests from firewood collection and illegal logging, pilot projects that provide alternative sources of energy to villagers should be trialled, assessed and rolled out.

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