Illinois: Only you can stop Shawnee NF’s plan to start logging after being shut down by courts for 12 years

Shawnee National Forest is proposing to re-start commercial logging operations after being enjoined by federal courts from commercial logging since 1997. They have now rammed a new plan through which relies on logging, burning, and the like for much of the forest. Although these projects have been highly controversial in the past, have lost millions of dollars for the Shawnee in timber subsidies, and have resulted in serious environmental damage, the Shawnee is now trying one more time to get the chain saws roaring.

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This is part of the Bush vision of managing national forests, not that
of the current administration. The FS is trying to push this, and many
other bad projects across the nation, through before the Obama
administration can get full control of the agency’s agenda.

Then, they hope they can grandfather them in, and continue their wasteful, environmentally damaging legacy of the agency over the past decades.

However, the time for change has come, and we have to slow down this
attempt to stuff the Forest Service pipeline with logging and other
damaging projects. Please send these comments in today and help us
stop the FS. The deadline is April 7! For more information:

Please fill out all blanks in the form and then press the “send
comments” button at the bottom. If you have time, please modify this
letter to reflect your personal concerns. Thanks!

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