Canada: Native peoples may win back some logging rights, but will they log it?

First Nations could soon be granted access to Prince Albert timber
rights currently managed by Domtar, the owner of the area’s shuttered
pulp mill, the Saskatchewan Party government said Monday. Energy and
Resources Minister Bill Boyd said Domtar and Weyerhaeuser, which
previously operated the mill, have agreed to go through a formal
process to re-work the Prince Albert forest management agreement.

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The arrangement could see a group of forest product companies and
First Nations become the new manager of the agreement by summer,
giving them access to some of the wood supplies, Boyd said.

But part of the forest will still be set aside for the pulp mill for the next
three years in case business resumes at the site, he said.

“There’s been a set-aside for the mill should something in terms of development happen there. We feel that this doesn’t preclude any kind of  development whatsoever at the mill site,” said Boyd.

“This is just an  opportunity for other companies to have access to a portion of the forest that they’ve been asking for some period of time.”

The pulp mill and associated facilities owned by Domtar have not operated since April 2006. The province could have moved to reallocate the timber to someone else after the rights were not used for two years.

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aboriginalResearcherSeptember 2nd, 2011 at 2:35 pm

There’s always a catch. What do they consider non-use for 2 years? Then as luck would have it, Canada operates on Common Law, as does the Aboriginal Indians of Canada. Six Nations fight a is a little different, as the assumption of our resources has been going on since 1492, then the Dutch with its Trickery. And now Canadas dishonour, and acts of treason with the ignoring of the Constitution of Canada, 1982. And now ignoring Superior Court Decision 300 Page decision report, then the province tries to talk as if it is in the position to make a final decision when in fact the decision has already been made in the Grassy Narrows case to that the provinces do not have any business assuming anything. Six Nations position is to have all open lands replanted with store bought trees of various types to be planted by Six Nations paid for by the Crown of Canada. Spend some our resource funds on our concerns. Let the corporations, companies, speculators spend their own money drumming up business. MonkeyBoy Harper is jumping to the music of the Elitests, England, Spain, Britain all the leaches of the world.

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