Malaysia: Wealthiest people in the nation are the ones funding illegal logging in Kedah

The rich are behind syndicates running illegal logging activities in the state. Kedah Razak came to this conclusion after authorities seized several heavy machineries in an operation against illegal logging recently. “Only people with lots of money can afford such expensive equipments. Kampung people can only spare the parang and axe,” he said after chairing the State Executive Council (Exco) meeting at Wisma Darul Aman here today.

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Azizan did not discount possibility that the syndidates were linked to
politicians. The Forestry Department was investigating the cases. He
said efforts have been taken to tighten control of the state’s natural
resources like logs, sand and rocks.

Yesterday, authorities seized 4,200kg of blacksand worth over RM330,000, believed stolen in Langkawi. The menteri besar said the thousands Of hectares of state land have been illegally logged and and mined causing huge loss of revenue to the government.

“The Kedah government will take stern action against the intruders by seizing back the land and hauling them to court.”

Azizan said over 800 hectares of forest with quality chengal and meranti wood at Bukit Kachi in Kubang Pasu district and thousands of hectares of forest at Padang Terap have been illegally logged.

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