Philippines: Haribon Foundation’s million signature campaign to restore forests, end logging & mining

The Haribon Foundation launched a million signature campaign to stop
commercial logging and mining in natural forests together with
like-minded organizations, in order to help preserve the Filipino
rainforest. With the successful collection of signatures, Haribon
translated the initiative into an action campaign called ROAD to 2020
or Rainforest Organizations and Advocates to year 2020, which is a
national environmental conservation movement to restore a million
hectares of rainforests by the year 2020, the press release said.

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“ROAD 2020 promotes rainforest technology or the planting of native
tree species in order to recover and conserve biodiversity, optimize
our supply of forest benefits and ecosystem services, reduce the risk
of natural hazards, and enhance options for sustainable livelihood,”
the release added. It also said that the once lush forest cover of the
country is down to 18 percent of its total land area or just 800,000

Most of the remaining natural forests are now small and
fragmented, yet the deforestation rate continues to soar due to the
people’s indiscriminate and unsustainable exploitation of forest
natural resources, the press release said.

As a gross consequence, ecological and economic disasters have now become inevitable, it added. The ROAD to 2020 campaign, no matter how herculean the task, is being carried by Haribon and like-minded partners like Ipanema because this will ultimately save the lives of the next generation, the release said.

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