California: Irresponsible land users deserve to lose Private property rights!

“At some point you forfeit your right to say ‘no’ you can’t come on my land,” Lovelace said, adding that he supported the staff  recommendation to allow warrants “in the strongest possible terms.” Humboldtians David and Penny Elsebusch and Bonnie Blackberry spoke against the warrant inspections, saying there was no need for it. The Supes disagreed, calling the problems “huge,” “egregious” and a threat to public health and safety. “I’m really, really upset by what I’ve seen,” said Supervisor Mark Lovelace. The landowner “had to have known better and can’t use ignorance of the issues as a defense.”

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The slide dumped 200 cubic yards into an unnamed tributary, pushing
the creek out of its channel. Thousands of cubic yards of material were removed from the site with more planned for removal by property owner Patrick Shannon who did most of the grading, road building and bulldozing himself.

Deputy County Counsel Divina Smith and Code Enforcement officer Jeff Conner presented a slide show of the damage and requested the ability to seek search warrants on the three  parcels. “The slide is threatening the integrity of Highway 299 and a  California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) soil stabilization  project, as well as depositing silt into Willow Creek and adversely  affecting the Willow Creek Community Services District,” according to  the staff report.

The subject property owners undertook a series of
un-permitted land use activities on 3 Timber Production Zone parcels
starting in October 2008 that caused, among other problems, a 3.8-acre
slide of soil and debris, according to county staff.

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