California: Background on what Green Diamond logging protests are all about

No logging yet, but we are not relaxing our guard. Logging could begin
any day now and there is always more work to be done getting ready.
There have been strong winds and rain but the tree-sitters are riding
out the storms on their platforms and webs and branches.

As the sunset painted the sky red this evening, the wind died down and the Spotted Owls began calling to each other across the grove. We don’t know when Green Diamond will begin clearcutting this precious and rare forest
but we will do our best to keep as much standing as we can. The
strength of our community is apparent, and inspiring us, as the
material and logistical support pours in. We will continue to post

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The timber company formerly known as Simpson is proposing to rezone
2000 acres from Timber Production Zone (TPZ) to Rural Residential,
according to Jen Kalt of Humboldt Baykeeper and the California Native
Plant Society. Kalt told KMUD last month rezoning would occur on 1000
acres outside Eureka, 300 acres adjacent to McKinleyville, and areas
outside Trinidad, Arcata, and Rio Dell. The proposed rezone would be
adopted as part of the General Plan update. The Eureka-area acreage —
called the McKay Tract — includes 16 miles of fish bearing stream in
the Ryan Creek watershed. Ryan Creek is the best coho producing stream
in the Humboldt Bay area, Kalt said.

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While Green Diamond gets ready to clear-cut the controversial McKay
Tract — which will damage the best salmon-producing creek in the
Humboldt Bay area — let’s look at a corporate greedheads behind their
operation: Kerry Killinger.

While sitting on the Green Diamond Board of Directors, he also ran
amok as CEO of Washington Mutual. Remember them? The defunct bank
still has a sign on Eureka’s 4th Street — but not for long. That’s
because Killinger turned WAMU into a “loan factory” according to
former employees. Doling out these risky subprime mortgages busted the
bank — and put the world economy in a tail spin. As WAMU CEO,
Killinger took home $88 million between 2001 and 2007. Perhaps that’s
enough to insulate one’s conscious from the severe pain and suffering
caused by his “leadership.”

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Deane RimermanFebruary 18th, 2009 at 8:02 pm

Today local residents of the Cutten area spotted Green Diamond employees and sheriffs congregating at a local supermarket in town. Within hours they were seen in the forest at the location of the tree-sits.

It’s time to take a stand to protect these trees. Green Diamond has made their move, now make yours! This forest is too precious to be lost. (as of yet, no logging has been observed).

Send gear, your presence in the forest, and funds to the McKay Tract Coalition and/or EF! Humboldt immediately.

11:00 am – We have just recieved word from the woods that Sheriffs and GD employees are on the ground at the tree-sits. The company has not yet sent up climbers but the sheriffs just told the sitters that they will come and get them down if they have to. We will post updates on this as it develops.

3:20 pm Update- The Green Diamond employees and Humboldt County Sheriffs are no longer at the tree-sits but may still be in the area.

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