Philippines: Promotion of Participatory Forest Management in Critical Watershed of Nueva Vizcaya Province

Buoyed by the good progress made so far, Japan will extend a
participatory forest management program for Nueva Vizcaya’s watershed,
a the Japanese Embassy has announced. The contract for the project,
dubbed “Promotion of Participatory Forest Management in the Critical
Watershed of Nueva Vizcaya Province Phase II,” was signed at the
Japanese Embassy in Metro Manila. Under the contract, Japan will grant
$173,131 (P8.1 million) from the “Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO
Projects” under Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA).

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“Around 500 families in the municipalities of Kayapa, Dupax del Sur,
Santa Fe and Kasibu in the Province will benefit from this project,”
the statement said. While Nueva Vizcaya has abundant forest resources
and a sanctuary of rich biodiversity, the devastation of its forests
became severe due to illegal logging, slash-and-burn agriculture, and
lack of appropriate sustainable forest management.

“The second phase  of the project … will enhance sustainable forest management in the  sites through the construction of small scale community-irrigation  systems, the establishment of sustainable agricultural practices such as dissemination of composting, and further training to enhance  environmental awareness of local populations and school children,
among others.

In phase II, it is expected that the farmers who have been participating since last year will act as catalysts or mentors to other farmers,” the statement said.

Japan’s support to the forestry sector in the Philippines focused on the establishment and enhancement of sustainable forest management through various projects such as Forestry Sector Project through Japanese ODA loans and technical cooperation through JICA, among others.

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