China: Annual Forest import export planting stats

In 2008, China’s forest cover increased by 4.77 million hectares, Mr
Hui told a conference attended by the country’s central and local
forestry administration heads. In addition, output of the country’s
forestry sector reached 1.33 trillion yuan ($194 billion), an increase
of just over 6% from the previous 12 months. Forestry import and
export volume was also expected to surpass $70 billion in 2008. During
2009, China plans to plant 5.48 million hectares of trees, of which
volunteers will plant about 2.5 billion trees.

The State Forestry
Administration head, Jia Zhibang, also said at the conference that
authorities will add more forestry jobs and increase forestry farmers’
income. China’s top legislative body, the National People’s Congress
(NPC), passed a resolution in 1981 making it a duty of all citizens
older than 11 to plant trees annually. The tree-planting drive is part
of a campaign to boost green coverage to 20% of the country by 2010.

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