China: Stora Enso’s brand new mill will devour forests at unprecedented rates

BEIHAI, Guangxi — In the morning of Dec. 16th, 2008, a grand
Stone-Laying Ceremony was held on Stora Enso’s Beihai Forest Pulp and
Paper integrate mill site, located in Tieshan Harbour Industrial Zone,
Beihai City. If it is carried out after that final decision has been
made will be a response to the policy of developing forestry, pulp and
paper integrate in full efforts of Chinese Government, and will also
facilitate economic development of Guangxi, especially Beihai area.

Products will enter Chinese and global market based on Stora Enso’s
powerful marketing network, in satisfaction of high-standard
requirement in the market, and the site could be gradually developed
into a large-scale pulp and paper or board production base. On April
28, 2007, an agreement was signed to acquire the land for the plant
site in Beihai. Today’s Stone-Laying ceremony is regarded as a
milestone of the Forest, Pulp & Paper Integrated Project with
collective efforts by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Stora Enso.
Meanwhile, Stora Enso’s Beihai Forest, Pulp & Paper Integrated Project
is to find ways to satisfy the demand for fiber raw material for
900kt/a pulp and 900 kt/a paper or paperboard project. Besides the
foregoing project, under the flag of Stora Enso there are Stora Enso
China Sales Company, Suzhou Zixing Paper Co., Ltd, Stora Enso Huatai
(Shandong) Paper Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Corenso Hualun Paper Core Co.,
Ltd, Corenso Paper Core (Foshan) Co., Ltd and Guangxi Stora Enso
Forestry Co., Ltd. Previous press releases concerning Stora Enso’s
activities of Forest Pulp and Paper Integrated Project in China are
available at

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