Defend the forest via the web thanks to Google and Forest Policy Research

Stay tuned to this Forest Policy Research Website to learn how to become part of a global online forest defense movement. Here’s a hint as to what’s in store:

Google’s philanthropic arm,, has launched a new way to monitor deforestation. The tool was demonstrated at the Copenhagen talks yesterday, which will enable online, global-scale observation and measurement of changes in the earth’s forests. The hope is that the tool will prove itself to be a way to eventually end deforestation. It seems impossible, but Google Earth has enabled other feats that might have been thought impossible too.

From discovering fringing coral reefs to helping Amazonian tribes stop deforestation on their land, Google Earth has been a boon for environmentalism.

Now, the new tool will, with luck and diligent use, help to stop the destruction of the world’s forests.

Google’s blog notes, “According to the Stern Review, protecting the world’s standing forests is a highly cost-effective way to cut carbon emissions and mitigate climate change. The United Nations has proposed a framework known as REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries) that would provide financial incentives to rainforest nations to protect their forests, in an effort to make forests worth “more alive than dead.”

Implementing a global REDD system will require that each nation have the ability to accurately monitor and report the state of their forests over time, in a manner that is independently verifiable. However, many of these tropical nations of the world lack the technological resources to do this, so we’re working with scientists, governments and non-profits to change this.”

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Scottie Ash seedSeptember 24th, 2014 at 5:03 pm

THE EXTINCTION OF NORTH AMERICA’S ASH TREE SPECIES WILL NOT BE TELEVISED! DOH! Here in the Midwest our ancient Elm-Ash-Cottonwood bottomland ecosystem is quickly loosing its “Keystone” species of American Ash to Extent/Extinction caused by the glutinous introduced/invasive Emerald Ash Borers which kills off new saplings before reaching seeding age of 10 when only 1″ DBH in branch size. 43 native Arthropods which rely on Fraxinus Ash for existence will also become extinct unless some individual species survive on preserved trees treated against EAB containing targeted trunk injected insecticides.

Within the Chicagoland region individual Ash combined to produce the largest portion of Green seen from space than any other species such as 2nd place Cottonwood which will now take that important position after over 5 million Ash trees quickly succumbed to Borers within some three to six short years. Never having such an opportunity before, today Scientists are studying the health and ecology effects as this first modern day extinction event unfolds. Over 300 other woodland species that primarily utilize Ash will also be adversely affected while moving to alternative species. Squirrels & Birds which rely on Opposite branching structures of Ash for building nests, along with yearly and periodical emerging Cicadas suckling on dying trees root systems will also become displaced.

American Ash is the ancient progenitor of our planets Fraxinus family of trees. Locally evolved Ecosystems from East coast to West, and from Canada to Mexico will soon feel the wrath of Emerald Ash Borer as well. Frisco is Spanish for Ash and forest service is preserving Jefferson’s historic planting along with a 2 century old wild Ash George Washington did NOT cut down. Green has 300, and White Ash 6OO yr. lifespan so get out there and find your communities oldest wild and settler planted examples. Collect wild seeds from all local types such as Wht, Green, Blk, Blue, Velvet, Carolina Oregon, Pumpkin etc. in order for reintroduction of iconic species someday.

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