Poem Called “Traditions” (10min)

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Heading out after a family together of traditions
A family hearing of the taproot of world suffering

the need for a cure at the center of the world
the psychic center of all life’s center, the holy land.
A desert soon to be gardens for all peoples and all life

Wanting to say hello
our hands out to each other
reaching our hands together
feeling warmth in each other
no eyes meet
yet that brief greeting amidst heading out
through a crowd of quiet listening
That brief greeting is an antidote
that defies all facts and figures
defies all suffering of even the bloodiest of oppressions
defies all loss and terror, all imprisonments, all starvations

A found solution
Think only of the warmth between those hands
Think of how this warmth, this living sharing… Essential
Think Hands sharing the silent singing of their voices
Hands sending warmth and circulation
Hands as the strongest note of the lowest and hieghest range
These songs are strong
vibrant thriving

Steady roots connected
branch tips swaying closer and further
hands touching, sending, recieving
hands as inner walls fading from need
past barriers of hurt, loss and rage.

Maybe we learn to let go enough someday?

Maybe see the whole forest…
then foreget what your looking at
then remember that you forget
then find yourself
in the bark pattern
of specific space
on a specific treee
amongst so many tree.

This is song for fallen one’s song
now recited by now new Elders…

Hands In time…
centuries of rain
Quiet calm in trees
we are here to soothe
to end the harm and remedy the hurt at the center of the world…
remedy the hurt and center the world…

Poem and Photos by DeaneTR© 2003
As presented at: http://peacefromtrees.org//index.php?title=104-Untitled%205&back=74

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