Pruning: Simulated crown thinning via photoshop

Below is a letter and photos about a beautiful Douglass Fir tree in downtown Olympia…

Still waiting to hear back about doing the work for them this Winter.

Forest Policy Research


I’ve spent time examining your tree and can report to you that it is in good health with no signs of decay or weakness!

The Photo below is of the part of the tree that is probably most visually concerning to you. How the tree got this way is that approximately 38 years ago when the tree was much, much smaller it’s top was broken or cut off.

It appears that the tree rapidly recovered from this mishap by continuing to grow from a secondary top, which is what gives the trunk a bent look.

This injury would be a concern if there was any presence of a rotting stump from where it was topped. It would also be a concern if the living outside layer of the tree failed to grow over the wound where the trunk broke off / was topped. Your tree does not have these problems.

What also indicates that this part of the tree is live, healthy strong wood is the presence of three major branches growing out of the trunk from where it was injured. If at any point these branches die-off that indicates there may be a safety concern.

Also due to recent construction in the area I’m happy to report that your tree is more protected from storm winds than before the construction.
Enclosed below are two photos of the part of your tree that is most affected by storm winds. The second photo is a rough photoshop edit of what thinning would do to protect your tree from storm winds.

The photo is taken from the direction that the strongest storm gusts would hit the tree and the second edited picture is to help you better understand how storm winds would better flow around and thru the tree after the tree is properly pruned. I recommend doing this work in late November or December of next year.

For this work I’d charge XXX plus additional costs for slash disposal… I can also put you in touch with other talented Arborists for additional bids that will likely be higher than mine ($400-$800)

–Be well, Deane Rimerman

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