Idaho: BLM wants you to comment on their plan to destroy natural ecologic functions


BLM is notorious for rejecting natural habitat, natural pathogens, natural viable ecosystems. The removal of trees harmed by pathogens creates an ecosystem lacking in pathogens, which in turn attracts more pathogens. Please contact them and let them know that dwarf mistletoe creates valuable habitat for many species… that dwarf mistletoe is an essential characteristic of a healthy ecosystem. Please let them know that removing infected trees is going to make the remaining forest more vulnerable to future storms, floods, pathogens,  disturbances.  etc. –Editor, Forest Policy Research


The federal Bureau of Land Management is seeking public comment on a plan to remove diseased trees in a 250-acre area on BLM-managed lands in southern Blaine County. The project, designed to restore an area of unhealthy forest, is specifically in and around Sharp’s Canyon, southeast of Bellevue. Restoration efforts would consist of removing Douglas fir trees infected with dwarf mistletoe, which robs the host tree of water and nutrients. When the disease reaches severe levels, trees begin to decline and become more susceptible to insect attacks and drought.


The proposed removal of diseased trees includes options for removing salvageable timber products and the use of prescribed fire. Salvageable material would be removed from areas that can be feasibly reached via existing roads and trails. Where removal is not feasible, prescribed fires would be used to reduce fuel loading. After diseased trees are removed, areas with limited chances for successful natural regeneration would be hand-planted with seedlings.

For more details about this project, visit and access the Bell Mountain Public Information Document under the Shoshone Field Office heading, or contact the Shoshone BLM at or (208) 732-7204.

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