Massachusetts: Biggest US forest fraud campaign against FSC and inept dying industry

An environmental group is whacking Gov. Deval Patrick for allowing
private timber companies to cut down huge swaths of trees from public
forests and parks. Massachusetts Forest Watch founder Chris Matera
claims Patrick has overseen a 400 percent increase of logging on
public lands, conflicting with the governor’s liberal bona fides.
“It’s the worst cut when it comes from people who pretend to be
defenders of nature,” Matera said.

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The group’s new report shows dramatic photos of trees cut down at
October Mountain State Forest, Savoy Mountain State Forest, and closer
to Boston, Quabbin Reservation. “These lands should be heavily
protected, not heavily logged,” Matera said.

Rick Sullivan, commissioner of the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, said the logging is part of responsibly managing forests by allowing struggling local timber companies to remove patches of old and  diseased trees.

“We want to be good stewards, and that is what the governor has charged us to be,” Sullivan said. Matera countered the state is losing money on the venture, with state costs exceeding an estimated $300,000 annual take.

On that point alone, Sullivan agreed. “We’re not doing it because it’s a moneymaker,” Sullivan said.

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d.o.April 3rd, 2009 at 4:03 am

OK, let’s see now: Sullivan says “we want to be good stewards” but wants to “remove patches of old and diseased trees”? Trees as in critter habitat? Old as in returning into the Earth to nourish the soil? What happened to “responsibly managing forests”??

Sullivan says the state is supporting “struggling local timber companies” but that “We’re not doing it because it’s a moneymaker”. So, the struggling timber companies aren’t making any money cutting in OUR forests? Why bother! Or is it the state isn’t making any money? State land, PUBLIC land, isn’t SUPPOSED to be used for PRIVATE profit, is it?

Mixed messages, people! Time for a shake-up.

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