482 – Latin American Tree News

482 – Latin American Tree News
Today for you 32 posts about earth’s trees! (482nd edition)
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1) Latin America: How Jaguar habitat protects people from infectious
disease http://bit.ly/LeTu7

2) Central America: Young Leaf forest medicines as relates to
bioprospecting agreements http://bit.ly/xpISN
3) Central America: Costa Rica and Nicaragua are on fire! http://bit.ly/LoX0

4) Panama: Indigenous Bocas people to fight till death to protect
culture & land from cattle & mega projects http://bit.ly/18b9we

5) Guatemala: Instead of GOV a NGO named AIR is treeplanting &
building better stoves http://bit.ly/Bnbjk
6) Guatemala: Deforestation in the mountains of Sololá http://bit.ly/15yLVx

7) Nicaragua: Hurricane Joan in 1988 increased forest diversity

8) Amazonia: Rainforest civilizations dated further back than
elsewhere http://bit.ly/veJ4J
9) Amazonia: UNEP & ACTO’s report: Environment Outlook in the Amazonia
10) Amazonia: How the Sahara feeds the Amazon http://bit.ly/Tqsrz

11) Ecuador: Images4life.org defends Jima Tambillo forest http://bit.ly/IzQdG

12) Belize: Help stop over-harvesting of floral industry’s Xate

13) Suriname: Alcoa & Newmont threaten mining on vulnerable Nassau
Plateau rainforest http://bit.ly/xnmhq
14) Suriname: Will REDD destroy or preserve indigenous cultures &
forests they depend on? http://bit.ly/m3ESF

15) Uruguay: New pulp mills and plantations will dev… http://bit.ly/14vv7e

16) Chile: Karukinka Nature Reserve is much the same as when Darwin
first saw it http://bit.ly/LE1qu

17) Peru: New Marginal Highway creates mad scramble … http://bit.ly/fNBAc

18) Argentina: Killer landslide as relates to failed landslide logging
prevention efforts http://bit.ly/7XgVa
19) Argentina: Please send a letter for forest and indigenous peoples
protection in Salta http://bit.ly/ucn9Z

20) Brazil: Support for Genocide, Ecocide & Imperialism: Words of
Brazilian leader Silva http://bit.ly/1dH2z
21) Brazil: World Wildlife report on what must be done for the
survival of the Amazon http://bit.ly/3yFX5
22) Brazil: Prince Charles in Rio makes a speech for trees http://bit.ly/uW4fr
23) Brazil: Supreme Court sides with Indigenous peop… http://bit.ly/18IPOu
24) Brazil: Save world’s largest wetland! A River delta of the upper
Paraguay near Bolivia http://bit.ly/msOtI
25) Brazil: Counting recent species extinction to 26 with 644 on the
way http://bit.ly/hVt0Q
26) Brazil: Unlimited ‘economic development’ to rare indigenous
cultures is called Genocide http://bit.ly/FMuOn
27) Brazil: Amazon so vast slavery thrives amid crack downs
http://bit.ly/NFgYo2:00 PM Feb 23rd from Twuffer
28) Brazil: After a harsh paramilitary publicity stunt, genocide
returns http://bit.ly/sL
29) Brazil: Forest land cover drives cloud cover which is being lost
due to deforestation http://bit.ly/W1Gy5
30) Brazil: Forest Defending Catholic Rural Radio by Father Edilberto
Sena in Santarem http://bit.ly/T2bfA
31) Brazil: Lula da Silva’s government has shown an indulgent attitude
to violations of basic rights http://bit.ly/182LmQ

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