Brazil: Support for Genocide, Ecocide & Imperialism: Words of Brazilian leader Silva

Brazil has policies aimed at conserving the Amazon forest and its priceless natural heritage. But the forest is also home to a culturally diverse population of 25 million, including some 170 indigenous peoples, along with hundreds of communities of rubber tappers, hunters and gatherers, and riverbank dwellers. Preservationist approaches alone are ineffective in tackling deforestation, a factor causing global warming. We need to find enduring solutions. This is why we are investing in sustainable management of the forest that will provide a decent living for its inhabitants.

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Just as no country can solve climate change alone, harnessing the
wealth of a forest spread over eight countries requires international

For that reason, in 2008 Brazil launched the Amazon Fund. Over $20bn will be raised to finance conservation and sustainable development.

These resources will be used to curb illegal logging, but also to develop alternative livelihoods. Norway has already pledged $1.1bn over 10 years for the fund. We hope others will follow.

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