California: Triple-the-cut liquidation forestry still passes for a certified “professional” in forestry

Maxxam minions and where-are-they-now: California Board of Forestry has made a mockery of itself by christening ex-Scotia Pacific honcho Jeff Barrett as Registered Professional Forester No. 2896.

Scotia Pacific suffered the same bankruptcy and dissolution as Pacific Lumber after years of liquidation logging toppled the timber giant. Such practices were rigorously defended by Barrett and fellow Maxxam apologist Steve Horner.

Barrett and Horner loathe California’s logging regulations. So it’s side-splittingly hilarious to read the BOF’s toothless promise that Foresters “shall protect the public trust through the regulation of those individuals who are licensed to practice the profession of forestry.” But we in Humboldt County know that “shall” means “maybe.”

Following the Palco/Scopac downfall, we wondered if Barrett was updating his resume.  And so he was. A recent job application has him boasting the ability to squeeze every dollar out of corporate clear-cuts by “increase[ing] revenues per unit of harvest by about 15%.”  Such maneuvers “helped delay the bankruptcy,” he said, but “could not prevent it.” Not surprisingly, Barrett’s science cred usually comes with quotation marks to denote the laughability of the term when applied to him.  As noted by local resident David Simpson who observed the bankruptcy proceedings in Texas:

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