California: Sierra Pacific is destroying a public & private roadless forest on Underwood Mountain, help us stop ’em!

Notorious timber baron Red Emmerson of Sierra Pacific Industries has filed a new logging plan in the native forest of Underwood Mountain. Their new plan aims to wipe out most of the remaining square quarter mile private inholding of forest land nestled in the public Underwood Roadless area. Last year, SPI built a much contested road through public old-growth forests in order to log this area. At that time they hurriedly cut a portion of the forest under “salvage logging” loopholes in environmental law.

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The tree species in the area are mostly Douglas fir, Oaks and Pines.
The forest is comprised of trees of all ages, some of the giants
reaching over 200 years old. Last year, EF! Humboldt attempted to stop
the road building by occupying trees in the path of construction. We
had to evacuate the area after lightning strikes set fires near by.

As the fires advanced in the direction of the tree-sits, dense smoke
caused respiratory problems and ashes and burned leaves rained down
from the sky. It was a priviledge to witness this beautiful natural
process but we had to leave for fear of suffocating or being roasted.
SPI is the largest private land owner in California with over 1
million acres of forest land.

This logging plan goes along with SPI’s agenda of rapid clear-cutting and conversion of wild forests into tree-plantations. If all goes well for SPI, they may be able to log this wild ancient forest this summer. We are watching.

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