Nigeria: Highest rate of deforestation in all of Africa

At 3.5 per cent annually, the rate of deforestation in Nigeria is the
highest in Africa, according to John Mshelbwala, an assistant director
in the Forestry Department, Federal Ministry of Environment. Mr.
Mshelbwala, who disclosed this in Abuja, said that the country had
less than 15 per cent forest cover instead of 25 per cent, showing a
deficit of 10 per cent.

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“We are supposed to have 25 percent of the land mass of the country
covered by forest, but we have just less then 15 percent; we are in
deficit of 10 percent.

How are we going to cover up the deficit, when over population is rising and the demand for land is increasing every day; where do we get land to allocate for afforestation to address the deficit?”

He stressed the need for the government to enforce the relevant laws to control the rate of deforestation. He called on state governments to desist from seeing forests as a source of revenue generation by granting licences to wood contractors.

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SarikaApril 12th, 2009 at 10:48 am

So what exactly is the policy in Nigeria for deforestation. For every ____ trees cut down, ___ trees will be planted. Could you fill in the blanks for me?

Also, what are other organizations doing for deforestation in not just Nigeria, but all over Africa?


ThomasMarch 26th, 2010 at 4:23 pm

Please can i have the details of the causes of deforertation in Nigeria

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