California: Spy Rock Ranch, along Hwy 101, acquired by the Wildlands Conservancy

The Wildlands Conservancy acquired the 5,832-acre Spy Rock Ranch. The
scenic Spy Rock Preserve has five miles of Eel River frontage and
draws its name from the 540-foot conical rock promontory that rises
from its eastern shore.

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It is 11 air miles northwest of Covelo in pastoral Round Valley and 10
river miles from Dos Rios (and 14 miles straight east from the town of
Leggett and highway 101) .

The habitat is a mosaic of white oak, live oak, maple, and bay laurel woodlands, grasslands and clustered stands of fir. From dramatic rock outcroppings to year-round creek bottoms roam abundant wildlife including deer, mountain lions, bears, and bobcats.

Bald eagles, osprey, and Pacific pond turtles occur on the river frontage. Anadromous fish species include chinook and coho salmon, as well as steelhead trout.

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TrystaDecember 25th, 2009 at 11:27 am

Does anyone know if we can go hiking here, or visit the conservancy? I live quite close to the location given. Just curious…and camera happy!

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