481 – EU-Africa-Mideast Tree News

Today for you 32 posts about earth’s trees! (481st edition)
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1) UK: Direct Action group “Plane Stupid” takes on Donald Trump’s
Aberdeen airport expansion http://bit.ly/nKrg5
2) UK: Neighbors vow to continue to speak out for protecting Longridge
Wood from development http://bit.ly/16VOrv
3) UK: Battle to save Longridge Woods & Centre Square East from
development continues http://bit.ly/12Uv1
4) UK: New Species of Whitebeam tree discovered and named after
no-parking sign nailed to it http://bit.ly/ml3ov
5) UK: 57 year-old climbs tree to stop needless destruction in Cripley
Meadow allotments http://bit.ly/MtMF6
6) UK: Imagine what the world would look like if we didn’t prune trees
so much? http://bit.ly/ubHJ

7) Scotland: Success comes from persistence: Campaign to stop
privatization of public forests has won! http://bit.ly/13s4pd

8) Sweden: FSC Smartwood value in dramatic decline http://bit.ly/18doGw

9) France: Forbidden Beech forest covers Battle of Verdun http://bit.ly/x7MY1

10) Germany: Robin Wood’s long term support of FSC ends in protest
over certification of non-compliant forests http://bit.ly/fZtw9

11) Poland: Last of the European Woodland Bison http://bit.ly/4iY5l

12) Georgia: Economy Ministry to auction licenses for long term
exploitation of forests http://bit.ly/pmYA

13) Africa: Jane Goodall speaks out against China’s massive
continent-wide deforestation operation http://bit.ly/14ey8

14) Cameroon: We need your help to save a million hectares in Ngoyla
Mintom rainforest http://bit.ly/12vXUt
15) Cameroon: Indigenous of Kupe-Muanenguba region are told they are
the support, manure and fuel of State authority http://bit.ly/uyTpj

16) Sierra Leone: Minister to Raze all settlements and developments
outside Greenbelt area http://bit.ly/MFKQS
17) Sierra Leone: Gola forest workshop gets journalists excited about
forest protection http://bit.ly/GdWYH

18) Uganda: Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment
(ACODE) does some whistleblowing http://bit.ly/GaFU
19) Uganda: Overview of president’s forest protection & destruction
efforts http://bit.ly/5LBnP

20) Nigeria: CERCOPAN protects monkeys, advocates for forest http://bit.ly/4o3mA
21) Nigeria: Illegal Bulldozing for ruling elite rubber plantation is
starving 20,000 people http://bit.ly/17WQeE

22) Niger: Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration has re-vegetated 3
million hectares http://bit.ly/praa2

23) Congo: Gov decides to ramp up genocide & exploitation of
indigenous peoples territory http://bit.ly/1asjMo

24) South Africa: A Tree gift from Jill http://bit.ly/2forj0

25) Ethiopia: Social affects of deforestation in Southwest http://bit.ly/Y8QhD

26) Chad: Desert expansion leads to brutal crackdown on Charcoal
production http://bit.ly/1ahJIC

27) Mozambique: Coastal forest turned into firewood means land is
turned into ocean http://bit.ly/fI2E8

28) Kenya: Eburu Forest holds newly discovered population of almost
extinct Bongo http://bit.ly/17DwQ

29) Burkina Faso: Forest once provided all they needed, now women are
regrowing these forests http://bit.ly/cGxe3

30) Jordan: Another request to circumvent chainsaw importation ban
approved http://bit.ly/mVDcO

31) Afghanistan: Rapidly cutting the last of the last of the forest in
Nangarhar Province http://bit.ly/VvY1n

32) Pakistan: Timber mafia’s combat operations in Shangla district /
devouring 600 sq. miles http://bit.ly/VulJQ

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