Cameroon: Indigenous of Kupe-Muanenguba region are told they are the support, manure and fuel of State authority

Traditional chiefs of the 164 villages in Kupe-Muanenguba Division of
the South West Region on 14 March 2009, resolved to mobilize their
population to acquire community forests, harness the abundant natural
forest resources, sanctuary, forest reserves and tourist attractions
for the general development of the area.

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Minister of Forest and Wildlife and son of the Division, Professor
Elvis Ngolle Ngolle reminded the traditional rulers of their role as
auxiliaries of the State administration said, “you are the support,
manure and fuel of the State authority and the very foundation of
authority and power in society by dint of the powers conferred on

It was therefore incumbent on them to uphold their natural
responsibility of ensuring peace, unity and development of the
Kupe-Muanenguba. “Chiefs should stand up, stand out, speak up and
speak out on matters of peace, unity and development”, he said.

The Forest and Wildlife Minister announced the imminent creation of forest management units that will accelerate the development of the area. Professor Ngolle Ngolle’s keynote address came on the heels of the lecture on community forest and natural forest potentials of the Division, presented by the South West Regional Delegate of Forest and Wildlife Mbah Grace.

She said the potentials have been lying dormant and lectured the chiefs on diverse ways of making use of the forest for development. The Minister, in his address called on the Kupe-Muanenguba population, “open your eyes and make use of the natural forest potentials God had given the Division”.

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