Montana: Has the most unprotected wilderness / roadless areas in the lower 48

More than six million FS roadless acres, plus at least another million
acres of BLM and FWS lands, could potentially be added to the National
Wilderness System. Yet for a host of unfortunate circumstances, the
state has failed to see any new wilderness legislation passed for
several decades.
To read the most thorough summary of Montana wilds in need of

The most comprehensive legislation dealing with Montana’s wildlands so
far is the visionary Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act or
NREPA. NEPRA was created by the Alliance for Wild Rockies, in part,
after the failure of several other state-wide Montana wilderness bills
to pass Congress or Presidential veto.

It takes a comprehensive approach to wildlands preservation and includes most of the larger unprotected roadless lands in the Northern Rockies, including Montana.

While NREPA is the best wilderness legislation to ever be introduced,
Congress may not be ready for the best. There are many obstacles to
enactment, the least of which is that supporters must either convince
the Congressional delegations from Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon and
Washington, many of whom are hostile or luke-warm to wilderness
preservation, to support this bill or garner enough votes from other
House and Senate members to overrule the opposition from these

An alternative to NREPA is a more piecemeal, state specific
approach to wilderness designation that focuses on passage of a
Montana-only wilderness bill. Recently, there is a convergence in
opinion that a state-wide wilderness bill is needed that can implement
at least a portion of the NREPA vision for Montana.

With the election of Barack Obama the opportunity for passage of such a comprehensive state wide bill has never looked better than now. In the interest of brevity many fine and worthy smaller wildlands areas will be left out of this compilation, but are included in NREPA, so if you want to see
what could be protected in Montana, go to the Alliance for Wild
Rockies web site.

To read the most thorough summary of Montana wilds in need of

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