Uganda: Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) does some whistleblowing

A report by Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment – ACODE – a local NGO, is reported to have blamed National Forestry Authority – NFA – for deforestation of forest reserves. The article was titled “NFA blamed for forests disappearance” on March 2.

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“It is surprising that the management of NFA has continued to transact
business in an adhoc and unprofessional manner.” ACODE is reported to
have forwarded the report to Parliament’s Natural Resources Committee,
demanding urgent intervention. NFA was established to restore the
integrity of forest reserves.

And NFA does this under the provisions of the National Forest Policy, 2001. The forest body also utilises the National Forest Plan 2002 and the National Forestry and Tree Planting Act, 2003. Within management plans, NFA undertakes continuous enrichment planting. The main focus being on indigenous trees to aid regeneration in natural forests. In plantations, fast-growing imported species are planted to address timber needs in the country.

This accounts for 7,200 hectares annually with 36,000 hectares planted
since April 26, 2004. Subject to availability of more resources, NFA
aims to increase the acreage to 7,000 hectares per annum. However,
even with fastest tree-growth rate, it is still not possible to
restore all of Uganda’s 506 forest reserves in the five years of NFA’s
existence. There are still various conservation and restoration

And these constrain professional management practices in
forest reserves. For instance, we have over 300,000 encroachers
occupying forest reserves countrywide. Unfortunately, NFA cannot evict
them because an executive order halting eviction is still in place. To
mitigate the damage by encroachers, NFA carries out expensive
surveillance. This consumes resources that would go towards faster
plantation expansion.

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Ssali HassanMarch 13th, 2010 at 7:47 am

Done to help people of Buduuda

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