UK: Battle to save Longridge Woods & Centre Square East from development continues

Craig Hornby, a film-maker who has made short documentaries about Longridge Woods, also known as Site 44, and the lake in Centre Square East, rallied the crowd with a loudspeaker. He said: “The council is robbing its people of its green spaces. Why would an authority which achieved beacon status for tackling climate change want to destroy a community?”

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Delegates arriving at the second climate change conference in the town
yesterday were met by more than 30 protestors chanting slogans and
waving banners. One woodland has been earmarked for a housing estate,
and a lake could be turned into a hotel, under proposals put forward
by Middlesbrough Council.  Chris Hobson, councillor for the Marton
ward, said campaigners would not give up the fight to save the

He said: “It is enjoyed by young and old and is on our doorstep.
Children cried when the bulldozers moved in.” A council spokesman
said: “Centre Square East provides the perfect opportunity to add a
commercial component to the town centre economy, and will be critical
to keeping the town centre competitive and able to continue to attract
inward investment.”

He added that any amenities removed in Centre
Square East would be replaced elsewhere in the town. He said: “If
climate change is about anything it is about balance, and it should be
remembered that we are in the process of planting some 10,000 trees
and shrubs to form a new tree belt at Newham Grange Leisure Farm.”

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