California: Citizen’s want to Halt Green Diamond’s subdivsioning and clearcutting

“Clear-cutting by any name equates to a radical change in the
landscape, on a grand scale,” said Kerul Dyer of the Environmental
Protection Information Center (EPIC). “By eliminating the canopy in
the redwoods, Green Diamond impacts overall forest function. How can
they consider this antiquated logging technique sustainable?”

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In May 2004, the Seattle-based Simpson Resource Company created Green Diamond as an offshoot and transferred ownership of around 450,000 acres of California redwood timberlands. Although the Simpson name was
reviled in some circles due to public opposition to large clear-cuts
and old-growth logging, especially around the area that is now Redwood
State and National Parks, the company has received little scrutiny
under its new alias.

However, in recent months, local residents and
activists have challenged various Green Diamond timber harvest plans.
The McKay Tract adjacent to Cutten in Eureka has been the subject of a
series of opinion columns in the local media, most written by outraged
neighbors who do not want to see the area logged and/or developed and
environmentalists concerned about the impact on life in this sensitive

Green Diamond has been in negotiation with Humboldt County
planners for at least a year to convert around 450 acres of
forestlands to residential development. Although the McKay Tract is
most in the public eye, the company also is looking to convert parcels
from Rio Dell up to Orick. In a letter last year to Kirk Girard,
Humboldt County director of Community Development Services, Green
Diamond officials discussed the possibility of altering General Plan
Update Alternative B to include new residential development adjacent
to the Cutten area.

In exchange, Green Diamond would take financial
responsibility for the building of roads and other traffic-mitigating
infrastructure. The McKay Tract totals 7,200 acres. In the letter,
Green Diamond stated that “442 acres are suitable for residential
and/or commercial purposes,” and that 256 acres have already been
re-zoned. According to Dyer, Green Diamond has already received
approval to clear-cut a portion of this and may begin any day.
The company has also identified over 2,000 acres in McKinleyville and
565 acres in Westhaven for potential development, as well as 207 acres
between Highway 101 and Strawberry Rock.

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