Canada: Friends of Red Tail to save 300 acres of Acadian semi-wilderness: Want to Help?

The Friends of Redtail Society is trying to stop, by purchase, the destruction of over 300 acres of Acadian semi-wilderness forest land, located in the vicinity of the Nature-bonding educational center Red Tail Nature Awareness, near Scotsburn, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. The Friends of Redtail Society have just put up a web site which discusses various aspects of the struggle they are engaged in.

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The web site explains why the Friends of Redtail need the financial
help of those who can support their cause – an inspirational new
community-based land use project, rooted in a deep ecology awareness,
and in opposition to the current industrial forest model. Industrial
forestry not only liquidates the living forest but also liquidates any
possibility of rural communities living in some kind of sustainable
economic relationship with forests. I have known Billy MacDonald, the
catalyst of Redtail Nature Awareness, for many years.

I have long admired the educational work carried out by him and his partner Nova Poirier. Hundreds of young people (and quite a number of older people) have taken part in the Nature-bonding carried out at Redtail. This
center has a significant base of support, but to save the threatened
forest lands a sum of $250,000 dollars has to be raised by December
2009. Have a look at the web site of the Friends of Redtail Society
and see if you help.

I very much support the objectives of the Society and have, with my wife, made a small contribution, but I am not a member of the Society. Also, as a deep ecology supporter (like Billy MacDonald), I support the view of Arne Naess that “The earth does not belong to humans.” Unfortunately, until the ecological and social changes come about that will eliminate private land ‘ownership’ one is forced to raise money to “purchase” this land so that it can be saved from destruction.

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