California: Mendocino County Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet!

“We Mendocino women know that we are a part of Gaia and we feel her strength in each other,” Burnstad said when she got to the stage. “There are many extraordinary people in our country who live and work with Mother Earth in mind every day.

I can think of no better way to honor Judi Bari than to begin again to collaborate and plan how we want our communities to sustainably evolve. Judi is credited with bringing loggers and environmentalists together to protect forests. Let us follow her example and come together as diverse voices with a common purpose.”

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The 2009 theme: “Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet” honored a
group of six women from different areas of Mendocino County,
including: speaker Rachel Binah who organized community response to
off-shore oil development along the coast; farmers from Philo Karen
Bates and Sally Schmidt; Jenny Burnstad, co-founder of the Cloud
Forest Institute in Ecuador and local projects; Phyllis Curtis who in
1997 helped establish permanent agricultural lands and natural
environments in Mendocino County through easements; and Ellen Drell a
founding director of the Willits Environmental Center.

“It’s an extraordinary opportunity to meet role models. Everybody here does something important,” Binah said before the gala began.

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