Sarawak: Gov that failed to stop illegal logging caused flooding says conscience is clear

Penguang was disappointed that NREB had been blamed for almost
anything that went wrong – the flood, haze, river pollution, landslide
and dead fishes. Sarawak Natural Resources and Environment Board
(NREB) should not be blamed for unscrupulous logging in the upper part
of Sungai Tunoh in Kapit.

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In a press conference held at his office in Menara Pelita here,
Penguang explained the reasons he had been keeping quiet after NREB
was blamed for unscrupulous logging which caused the flood at Sungai
Tunoh Resettlement Scheme on Feb 26. “I have been keeping quiet
because our conscience is clear. We know exactly what we are doing,
and we know fully well that we have done nothing wrong notwithstanding
what had been said. And we always believe that truth will prevail,”
Penguang said.

“I never like going to the press if I can help it
because I always believe in mutual respect and communication through
proper venues, and we can solve a lot of things through informal
communications. If we go public, it will hurt a lot of people and
become public domain,” he said, adding that as a loyal and dedicated
civil servant, he wished to maintain his professionalism and respect
the leaders, especially the ministers.

Obviously, the NREB cannot be made responsible for anything. Does Dawos mean to say that the NREB has no powers to stop uncontrolled logging? What good is the NREB then, just to give people the impression that Taib’s government really cares about the environment and the people?

If any Sarawakian believes that, please forgive Sarawak Headhunter fro coming to the conclusion that Sarawakians deserve Taib. Please prove Sarawak Headhunter wrong!

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