476 – SE Asia & Asia Tree News

476 – SE Asia & Asia Tree News
Today for you 28 posts about earth’s trees! (476th edition)
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1) China: Landslides following Earthquakes have massive carbon
footprint http://bit.ly/pJ0Fa
2) China: Oregon hybrid poplar grower finds greater opportunity
planting forests in Asia http://bit.ly/Png4H

3) Taiwan: Despite treesit by green party leader, the last giant
Songshan Camphor is cut http://bit.ly/MI385

4) Russia: Corrupt Primorskii Gov sells 400 logging plots in nut
harvest / wildlife reserves http://bit.ly/M4N1p

5) India: Who is a tribe? Who is an Encroacher? 2006 Forest Rights Act
sorts it all out? http://bit.ly/ZrTmD
6) India: K M Chinappa has been a Karnataka forest defender for 30
years http://bit.ly/yhXPP
7) India: Protection from foreign pharmaceutical industry’s army of
bio-pirates http://bit.ly/O66ht
8) India: Aravali forest officer transferred moments before presenting
corruption evidence to high court http://bit.ly/107AFY
9) India: High court declares privately owned Mangroves as protected
forests http://bit.ly/UyRhi
10) India: Children’s Chipko revival to protect trees http://bit.ly/LX50b
11) India: Marauding Tigers need a forest reserve http://bit.ly/pdVEQ
12) India: Hundreds unemployed because of end of Japan funded forest
conservation project http://bit.ly/bP9Ib

13) Kashmir: Gov promises to go after illegal loggers http://bit.ly/hIsHi

14) Nepal: Transition from passive to active and equitable management
of community forests http://bit.ly/HuovC
15) Nepal: If you are only allowed to cut dead trees, then well… why
not help ‘em along? http://bit.ly/FUIFm

16) Cambodia: Distilleries make ‘ecstasy’ by boiling out rare tree oil
& it’s harming streams http://bit.ly/DKPeI

17) Thailand: Requests 3 helicopters to patrol & protect http://bit.ly/2T76l
18) Thailand: Indigenous expelled from homeland for interfering with
illegal logging http://bit.ly/3VRJt

19) Vietnam: Ancient Fujian Cypress tells of drought that once ended
Indochina’s civilizations http://bit.ly/ZExws
20) Vietnam: Deforestation rates again double this past year http://bit.ly/UdUUU

21) South Korea: Tree Sap season renews Gorosoe tree medicine for the
people’s bones http://bit.ly/nkgXp

22) Japan: Woodland Preservation buys another 296,070 sq. meters in
Nagano outside Kurohime http://bit.ly/2A0Ao

23) Philippines: Landslide summary http://bit.ly/ZuTkx

24) Malaysia: Defending 59 Selangor forest reserves from illegal
logging is not easy http://bit.ly/FOHzO
25) Malaysia: Mass fish kill caused by resettlement and logging
related to dam construction http://bit.ly/dk33a
26) Malaysia: Nationwide campaign to stop logging plan for Ulu Muda
forest reserve http://bit.ly/RWdl
27) Malaysia: Sarawak Indigenous highlighted in latest edition of
SPEAK OUT http://bit.ly/SrdGJ
28) Malaysia: Accor hotel construction linked to genocide of Penan
people http://bit.ly/nLd12

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