UK: Direct Action group “Plane Stupid” takes on Donald Trump’s Aberdeen airport expansion

Nine anti-aviation activists with the group Plane Stupid Scotland shut
down an Aberdeen airport in protest of its plans for expansion. Twelve
flights were canceled due to the protest and all nine activists were
eventually arrested early this morning. Activists willingly left the
runway when police told them that a sick baby needed be flown to a

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While some of the Plane Stupid activists played golf inside fortified
security fencing, others (including one dressed as Trump) scaled the
terminal building and unfurled a banner that read “Nae Trump Games
with Climate Change.” The airport expansion is being funded and
supported by Donald Trump, who is opening a nearby golf resort — which
in itself is a point of contention with environmentalists for its
location on previously-protected land.

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Plane Stupid Custard Pie Action!!!March 6th, 2009 at 11:19 am

Police have launched an inquiry into the custard attack on Business Secretary Lord Mandelson – who was splatted in the face by an anti-Heathrow protester.

Leila Deen, an activist from campaign group Plane Stupid, covered the politician in pea-green goo as he got out of his ministerial car.

He immediately went inside the building as Miss Deen watched and then calmly walked away.

She told Sky News she was protesting about reports that Lord Mandelson met lobbyists from Heathrow owner BAA before the Government gave the controversial go-ahead for a third runway at the London airport.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Police are investigating circumstances surrounding an incident in Carlton House Terrace, SW1.

“Officers from Westminster CID investigate. There have been no arrests. No complaint has been received.”

Talking about the goo, Ms Deen said: “It’s green custard – I could eat this right now, it’s totally harmless.”

She went on: “The only thing green about Peter Mandelson is the slime coursing through his veins.”

And she added: “I don’t want to get up early in the morning and throw custard at Peter Mandelson but I don’t have a choice because democracy has failed us.

“We should stand up against people who are going to make political capital out of pretending to be green.”

Gordon Taylor, who lives next door to the Deen family home in Brighton, said: “I think her mother would be proud.”

Lord Mandelson dismissed the incident, which raises questions about his personal security, as an “adolescent protest”.

After a quick clean-up, he told Sky News: “She was so busy throwing what seemed like green soup or something in my face that she failed to tell me what the protest was about, but as you can see thankfully it wasn’t paint and I’ve come through it intact.”

Prime Minister Gordon Brown was also due to attend the summit along with other Government representatives and business leaders to discuss the “greening” of industry and opportunities for new jobs.

Plane Stupid has launched a series of high profile stunts in recent years against the Government’s environmental policies, including sit-in protests bringing Stansted and Aberdeen airports to a stand-still.

The former deputy prime minister John Prescott said it was “unacceptable” that the Ms Deen was allowed to walk away with impunity.

Mr Prescott, who was the victim of a number of similar incidents, said the Plane Stupid activist Leila Deen should have been arrested for her “assault”.

“What is totally unacceptable is the way the woman walked away claiming it was her right in democracy. She should have been arrested,” he said on his blog.

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