British Columbia: Ancient forest river island logging ruins politician’s campaign launch

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“The community was ready to express themselves. It wasn’t just a bunch
of tree-huggers.” The timing of the rally outside of Cantelon’s office
was “very significant,” said Tanner. The grand opening of Minister of
Agriculture and Lands Ron Cantelon’s Qualicum Beach campaign office
was overshadowed by the presence of dozens of protesters rallying
against a helicopter logging operation that includes old-growth trees.

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Several community, environmental and watershed groups were among the
60-strong crowd on Saturday that carried placards and used a megaphone
to protest the operation along the river, which supplies drinking
water to Oceanside. Some of the trees felled include 150- to
550-year-old Coastal Douglas Fir trees, which organizers say can
threaten a sensitive ecosystem.

Activist groups in coastal communities will organize rallies, protests and petition drives at B.C. MLA offices, university campuses and along city streets, spearheaded by the Western Canada Wilderness Committee. Protesters want to phase out old-growth harvesting and legislate stricter logging regulations on watersheds on private land.

Concerned groups also want to ensure sustainable logging of second-growth forests and put an end to raw exports to protect forestry jobs in B.C. Forestry workers and fisherman were among Saturday protesters. “The concern and outrage in the community has been building,” said mid-Island WCWC spokeswoman Annette Tanner on Sunday.

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