Maine: Plum Creek caught logging for powerline clearance, mudslides, habitat destruction

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Here in Maine, just a few years ago, NRCM used Maine’s Freedom of Access Act to review internal documents, which we used to compile a report on Plum Creek’s bad logging practices. We found that Plum Creek had received the largest fine in state history for 18 violations of Maine’s Forest Practices Act.  Not only had Plum Creek broken the law by overharvesting, it had also destroyed deer wintering areas, violated water quality laws, and developed a power line corridor through a forest without a permit.

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A group of local citizens and sportsman (The Native Forest Network) warned that the company was logging near a deer wintering area in Indian Stream Township (just west of Greenville) and were likely preparing to cut in the area.

After the story was reported, the company admitted that it had logged in the deer wintering area in violation of the agreement they had made with the state. This was the same agreement Plum Creek signed to protect these critical deer wintering areas after public outrage flared over the violations reported by NRCM.

Since late this fall, NRCM has been researching Plum Creek clearing on Kibby Mountain in Kibby Township (northwest of the Bigelow Preserve).  Again we reviewed internal documents and put together a detailed report of Plum Creek’s logging violations.

We found that Plum Creek, after ignoring the “stop work” recommendation of an independent inspector, caused significant erosion resulting in an unprecedented 900-foot mudslide.  You can find that story at: ForestPolicy Research here:

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