Jordan: Another request to circumvent chainsaw importation ban approved

After years of struggle to ban the import of automatic saws, the government just recently approved our request partially, but should we lose another 10,000 trees before they issue regulations to collect them from citizens and limit their use to the Agriculture Ministry Rangers? Zghoul said in exasperation.

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Jordan is not a tropical country with massive trees that can be cut
down for trade purposes, there is no need whatsoever for importing the
devices. They have brought about serious destruction to trees over the
past decade, the mayor exclaimed. To stop illegal logging, he
suggested establishing monitoring towers in hilly areas across the
forests and increase the number of rangers and patrols.

Meanwhile, head of the Nature and Environment Protection of the Northern
Governorates at the Royal Department for the Preservation of Nature
(Rangers), Major Mohammad Otoum, said contradicting laws concerned
with environmental violations hamper efforts to preserve the
environment. There are several laws concerned with protecting the
environment and its various elements, he said, citing pieces of
legislation governing the work of the ministries of agriculture and
water and irrigation, in addition to the Penal Code. In total, he said
21 pieces of legislation in effect include environment-related

These laws contradict each others in general, making it impossible for any judge to issue a verdict criminalising a violator without finding a loophole in another law, Otoum noted, citing legal procedures as another obstacle. Explaining, he said that in case a ranger arrests someone with an amount of cut trees, the violator cannot be legally held accountable unless the ranger testifies at a court of law that he actually saw him cutting down trees, which enhances the perpetrators chances to get away with their misdeed. He suggested that representatives from the ministries of water and irrigation, agriculture, justice, environment, the rangers and other concerned authorities get together in a workshop to examine environment-related laws and come up with a unified stand on what to do to enforce the law as effectively as possible.

Highlighting the unique position Ajloun forests occupy locally and internationally,
Ajloun Forest Reserve Manager Nasser Abassy said the area represents
the evergreen oak vegetation type and is located in the Mediterranean
biogeographical zone.

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H. KJuly 13th, 2009 at 12:22 am

the systematic destruction of forests and natural habitats in Jordan, which in several instances is also ,unfortunatelly, conducted by official orgenisations, will leave the country baren in no less than fifty years. What our eyes have seen, those of our children will not. Replanting new forests under the current conditions is hard and in most cases newly planted forests will not succeed due to: ever increasing human populations in villages and rural eraes; ever increasing numbers of goat herders which do not hesitate to feed their stock on newly planted trees; no serious implementation of regulations, drastic lack of eduation in regards to nature and its importance; reduction of the avarage yearly rainfall. The future of a green Jordan is considerably hampered by new 21 century projects and the way things are heading, Jordan is well on its way to becoming a gigantic cement forest with trees only in street islands. The future of the very few wild habitats left in Jordan is in iminant danger. An action is required immediatelly to bring back hope for our children and our planet.

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