Amazonia: Rainforest civilizations dated further back than elsewhere

In the cave and at a nearby riverbank settlement, Roosevelt made
another astonishing discovery: pottery that dates to 7,500 years ago,
predating by more than 2,000 years the earliest pottery found in the
Andes or Mesoamerica. This means that the Amazon may have been the
earliest ceramic-producing region in all the Americas, and that, as
Fawcett radically argued, the region was possibly even a wellspring of
South American civilization – that an advanced culture had spread
outward, rather than vice versa.

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Using aerial photography and satellite imaging, scientists have also
begun to find enormous man-made earth mounds and causeways across the
Amazon – in particular in the Bolivian flood plains where Fawcett
first found his shards of pottery.

Clark Erickson, an anthropologist from the University of Pennsylvania who has studied these earthworks in Bolivia, says that the mounds allowed the Indians to continue farming during seasonal floods.

To create them, he said, required extraordinary labor and engineering: tons of soil had to be transported, the course of rivers altered, canals excavated, and interconnecting roadways and settlements built. In many ways, he said,
the mounds “rival the Egyptian pyramids.” Some scientists now believe
the rain forest may have sustained millions of people.

And for the first time scholars are reevaluating the El Dorado chronicles that Fawcett used to piece together his theory of Z. Though no one has found evidence of the fantastical gold that the conquistadores had dreamed of, the anthropologist Neil Whitehead said, “With some caveats, El Dorado really did exist.”

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Joaquim Cunha da SilvaJanuary 28th, 2010 at 8:20 am

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Fay PanamaFebruary 4th, 2010 at 12:31 am

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