Uganda: John Ken Lukyamuzi says saving forests is a local and global responsibility

The President of the Conservative Party John Ken Lukyamuzi is calling
on the government of Uganda to stop deforestation which he says is on
the increase. Lukyamuzi who is a renowned environmentalist further
reminds government that the world summit that took place in Bali city
of Indonesia also recommended all governments in the world to
discourage deforestation.

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Speaking with Ultimate Media, Lukyamuzi says deforestation is
responsible for 25% of carbon emissions that cause global warming and
climate change as more Ugandans increasingly cut trees for charcoal.
He says that global warming threatens the livelihood of millions of
people in the world including Ugandans and efforts should be
intensified to protect forests.

Speaking to Ultimate Media in an interview, Lukyamuzi said unless the
government addresses the problem of deforestation, climate change will
lead the country into decreased agricultural production, increased
poverty and forced migration. Lukyamuzi also reminded the government
that the Tokyo protocol of 1997 provides that all countries including
Uganda must discourage deforestation.

He urges Uganda’s ministry of Water and Environment particularly the department of meteorology to monitor climate change and sensitize the masses about the dangers of deforestation.

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