UK: Stop Leach Homes cutting down trees in Chells Manor

Residents living in Chells Manor in Stevenage want to stop Leach Homes
cutting down trees in front of the Grade II listed manor house,
between Chells Lane and Hunters Close, and are looking for support to
make a temporary Tree Preservation Order permanent.

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They have delivered flyers to every home in Chells Manor, outlining the
situation and asking residents for their support, and they have
already secured more than 100 petition signatures. Ian James, of Hunters Close, is spokesman for the group and said: “The land was intentionally left as woodland by Leach Homes when the area was developed in 1987, for the benefit of the whole community.

Along with the other surrounding woodland, it provides a wonderful rural feel and an attractive backdrop for the manor house and pond.” Mr James said the woodland attracts a wealth of wildlife, including deer, badgers and bats, and is home to both jays and green and great spotted woodpeckers. He added: “This whole amenity is a major contributor to the wellbeing and enjoyment of both young and old, who come to relax by the pond to feed the ducks and moorhens and to enjoy the quiet ambience and wildlife in the woods.” Leach Homes have not yet submitted a planning application for a development on the site, and the campaigning residents have managed to obtain a 28-day temporary Tree Preservation Order from Stevenage Borough Council (SBC). They are now looking for people to support a move to make this order permanent. “It can only be made permanent with your support,” said Mr James.

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JanJune 11th, 2009 at 7:36 am

Our family have only lived here in Stevenage for a year, we moved to get away from building works, and visit the pond each day to walk our dog and enjoy the beauty of the quiet and peaceful greenery. We would not have chosen to live here if we knew more building work was to commence. We’ve seen lots of wildlife, bats, owls, deer, many birds and ducks of course. We have talked to dozens of people who come from all over England to visit this site for the sheer beauty of it, and been advised by a local who knew the land as fields years ago, the land surrounding the old Manor and pond was purposely left for the enjoyment of the local people. Please, please let us keep enjoying this woodland.

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