New Hampshire: Another court loss for enviros & Judd Gregg says something about it

CONCORD — A federal appeals court has rejected an attempt by
environmental groups to block two logging projects in New Hampshire’s
White Mountain National Forest. The Sierra Club, Wilderness Society
and Center for Biological Diversity argued the U.S. Forest Service
violated several federal laws as it reviewed two timber cutting
options. The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said many of the
groups’ arguments were too general and that disagreeing with Forest
Service conclusions is not enough to warrant a more thorough review.
The Than and Batchelder Brook projects involve logging on about 1,300

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Press Release 1/14/09 from New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Gregg:

Fully consistent with the 2005 plan and its timber harvesting
guidelines, the Forest Service has proposed logging projects which
have been subject to environmental review, are limited in scope, and
have the support of well respected groups across the spectrum such as
the Society for Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Appalachian
Mountain Club, the National Audubon Society, the New Hampshire
Timberland Owners, and the North Country Council.

Two of these proposals, the Batchelder Brook and Than Brook Resource Management Projects, have been unsuccessfully challenged by certain environmental groups such as the Sierra Club that do not represent the view of most Granite Staters. Even though they seemed fine with the 2005
management plan when it was released, these groups now want to undo it
via lawsuits and other challenges that use up taxpayer resources and
stymie economic activity in New Hampshire.

Fortunately, the courts have so far ruled in favor of the Forest Service and have allowed these two timber harvesting projects to proceed. With each ruling against these challenges, it has been my hope, as well as the hope of
many others in our state, that all parties would now act in good faith
and respect the 2005 management plan’s timber harvesting guidelines.

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